HEXA MERA, groovy melodic death metal with a philosophical foundation.
HEXA MERA is ancient Greek for “the sixth day”. On that sixth day the first man was created, according to the Old Testament.
The first man, the creation God made in his likeness. Th
e ultimate predator on top of the foodchain, of whom we are direct descendants…
We do not believe in these dogmatic theorems nor the existence of a God, but mankind is central to our lyrics.

Humanity has written legends and made up almighty creatures to explain our kind with some sort of heavenly purpose. Our individual imperfection and constitutional failings contradict these tales.
We’re not godly. We have evolved on an intellectual level through centuries, landing us at the top of the food chain. But our parasitic and egocentric lifestyle will be our downfall.
We taint and deconstruct the very fiber of our world as we grow in numbers. 
We claim everything we find, we lead species towards eradication, we pollute our environment, create conflict and use weapons of mass destruction. 
We went from pleading to an almighty concept for some understanding of our existence regarding the universe to behaving as gods ourselves, bending the world to our will and trampling everything. 
Man is the most dangerous animal on earth, manipulating nature without thought for consequences.
Unlike the satirical religious context, HEXA MERA is not about fairy tales from the bible.
HEXA MERA is about the behaviour of our own kind and everything we create and destroy.

HEXA MERA hands you the facts, accompanied by heavy melodeath with influences from all over the metal spectrum.
The 2014 debut album “Human Entropy” made an impact, turning heads from the public and the press whilst proving their worth on belgium’s finest stages.
With their second album ‘Enlightenment’ HEXA MERA wants to add a new chapter to this story. 
Five wildly different musicians, with shared passions and opinions of wich they’ll make sure you hear them loud and clear!


Yannick Schmit – Vocals
Pierre Baudez – Drums
Niels Van Roy – Bass
Mathias Vergaelen – Guitar
Jan Huygens – Guitar

Created by Code Fairies